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Akkadian Empire, 2300 BC to 2200 BC
Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, 2300 BC to 2200 BC
Neo-Assyrian Empire, 911 BC to 605 BC
Hittite Empire, 550 BC to 330 BC
Achaemenid (Persian) Empire, 1460 BC to 1180 BC
Prometheus by Michelangelo
December 7, 2007 at 2:33am

What are empires?
Violence Machines.

Why am I here?
For no reason. You just are.
This seems so pointless.
Ah, so you knew the answer all along!
What am I to do?
What you want to.
But I am afraid.
That is because you are not honest. What sort of a being are you? One that desires but fears pain! If you want to buy victory then learn to pay with pain.
What about precedent? I do what others before me have done.
Tradition is an illusion. No culture or set of morals can guarantee the future. You can spend your entire life climbing mountains and yet fail to climb Everest. Habit and morality alone will not take you all the way. They don’t worship Lady Luck for nothing.
How will it end?
Who cares? Live! Your days are numbered mortal and my sickle impatient!

The Rise and Fall of Empires

If you accept defeat, then your rise will be faster and more spectacular than any before.

Napoleon won at Waterloo. Germany won the Second World War. History of course disagrees, but then history is an old man that knows jack. If you take on the world, you can only win the battle, not the war. Even the world, for that one year, acknowledged Germany’s absolute power.

That Which Will Prevail
Life can either turn inward towards prayer and self analysis or outwards towards a will to power.

Power has one mind but a million hands.

Empires are an expression of power, power that of organization and organization that of energy. The empires of the past were a happy coincidence (Coal for Great Britain, Oil for the US). The empires of the future will be engineered (A new source of energy).

There are many reasons why things happen, but there is only one reason why things are — energy.

The system exists, and is governed wholly, totally, without exception, by access to energy.

It is amazing how far I have come; from one cell to a trillion cells. It is amazing how far the world economy has come; from trading horns to the iPhone. What has fueled this growth? Why?

What is immortal? The Human dies. Products of an economy perish. Even the molecules of DNA are replaced, yet life continues, as does the economy. What is preserved is structure - relative ordering of elements. Why?

Consciousness is knowing why you do what you do – next time you quote precedent/scripture remember that!

What you think is immaterial. What you do is everything.