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Summit of Nanga Parbat
Summit of Nanga Parbat, because it exists...
Baltit Fort, Hunza, Pakistan
Baltit Fort, Hunza
Lake Baikal, Russia
Lake Baikal, Russia
Depsang Plains, Aksai Chin, Kashmir, India
Depsang Plains, Aksai Chin
Summit of Pir Sar, Swat, Pakistan
Summit of Pir Sar, Swat because Alexander ordered his army to take it at any cost.
The Taklamakan Desert, China
The Taklamakan Desert
The Pass of Thermopylae, Greece
Burial mound of the Spartans because this was a beautiful death.
Smarkand, Uzbekistan
Smarkand, Uzbekistan.
The Kalash, Chitral, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK)
The Kalash, Chitral
Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan
Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan
Oasis of Siwa, Egypt
Oasis of Siwa, Egypt because it was here that Alexander learned of his destiny.
Shyok Valley, Ladakh, Kashmir, India
Shyok Valley, Ladakh, Kashmir, India because this is where I will build.
Tombstone of Heer Ranjha
Tombstone of Heer Ranjha, Jhang, Pakistan because...
May 18, 2009 at 5:19am